Citizens for Parks and Recreation

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                                                      cell phone: (360)480-0038



Due to a need to simplify the updating of the website, it has

been divided into three parts.  The ARCHIVE has all

materials posted in 2013, and takes one to the home page as

it existed in December 2013 with all of its then existent links.


The 2014 LEGISLAIVE SESSION link takes one to the

updates e-mailed during the 2014 session of the Legislature-

there were no website updates during that time, and only

limited updates were provided (not much was happening.


The BLUE RIBBON TASK FORCE link takes one to the

updates e-mailed regarding Governor Inslee’s Blue Ribbon

Task Force on Outdoor Recreation.  Other information will

be posted there as resources allow.  There are links within

the updates to information on the Blue Ribbon Task Force.


This website will remain fairly simple through September.


ARCHIVE (all material posted to the website in 2013)


2014 LEGISLATIVE SESSION (updates as e-mailed)


BLUE RIBBON TASK FORCE (updates as e-mailed)